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Una Tecnologia integrata a sostegno della Self-Service Business Intelligence


Discover the DocSpace world. Explore the potential of SpreadsheetSpace and its versatility. Browse T-Space publications and enrich it with your analysis, your interests, and opinions.



Develop your Self-Service Business Intelligence using certified data in Excel. Share Excel tables to keep your team members constantly aligned. Make Excel dynamic. Create dynamic presentations and reports that follow the evolution of your business.



A web-based sharing space that allows anyone to make analysis and reports based on tables and data available to the community. A "social network" reserved for those who want to share and propose opinions and viewpoints based on objective numerical data.

Who we are

Established in December 2019, as a university Spin Off, DocSpace Srl has in itself the ambition to support the corporate world.

The SpreadSheetSpace technology is oriented to Self-Service Business Intelligence and to its democratization. An easy and user-friendly product integrated into Office.

Ongoing collaborations

Ansaldo Energia
Comune di Genova
Università di Genova
Hub Telematica

DocSpace has ongoing established collaborations with: University of Genoa, M3S Srl, Hub Telematica, SIIT Consortium. Moreover, the company, in its design attitude, participates in working tables, cooperations, calls, integrations, with its strong scientific technical expertise.

Where we are


DocSpace Srl
via Molo Cagni
16128 Genova - Italy


Phone: +39 391 4352483
Fax: +39 010 0985001