About us

Origins and corporate values

DocSpace Srl

Established in December 2019, as a university Spin Off, DocSpace Srl has in itself the ambition to support the corporate world, offering, with the SpreadSheetSpace technology, a powerful answer, oriented to Self-Service Business Intelligence and to its democratization, promoting a high-level product, yet very simply usable, because integrated in Office.

The academic approach of research and development define and determine the intent and intention of DocSpace to enter the market in qualitative terms, in integration and support of the business intelligence, of the professional, the entrepreneur, the analyst, of those who need data to decide, to choose, to invest or not to invest in new challenges, to evaluate the progress of projects, processes, paths taken.


Suppor Self-Sevice Business Intelligence. Provide elasticity and speed to business processes. Responsiveness and proactivity to project monitoring and management.


To offer an accurate and timely synchronization of data and information, an Office integrated tool, open to sharing, co-edit, collaboration, aimed at supporting Governance and its choices.


Integration and Implementation
IT for Business

Our staff

The Staff of Engineers, Computer Scientists and Programmers, the engine and heart of the company, under the leadership of Prof Massimo Maresca, the creator of the project, continues in its work of developing solutions and innovations, to respond to changes in the world, the market and emerging needs.

Work with us

DocSpace offers employment opportunities to excellent people with a Master degree in the area of Information Engineering and Information Science as well as to people who have earned a Research Doctorate in the same disciplines.

DocSpace people must be strongly motivated to learn and grow through the study and the application of innovative technologies, must be able to work in teams and at the same time to show personal initiative, and must put his/her professional growth before the stability of a permanent employment.