Collaborations and projects

Research and ongoing activities


Leveraging the Web Of dynamically connected Online Data Sets

WOODS transform data analytics into a social activity on the internet and a true collaborative task in the enterprises. The project aims at supporting the improvement efficiency in companies and in Public Administrations, and the introduction of new services for customers and people.

Partners: DocSpace Srl, Engineering SpA, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid


Digital Twin and Industrial Internet of Things for Manufacturing 4.0

The AWARE project stems from the consideration that Industry 4.0 technologies, such as the Digital Twin and Internet of Things, applied to the Manufacturing sector, allow for an improvement in monitoring operations, support to operators, supply chain planning and the production process itself. The project aims at deploying several technologies in two manufacturing environments with different levels of complexity: machinery for manufacturing and shipyard.

Partners: FOS SpA, CETENA SpA, Fincantieri SI SpA, Fincantieri SpA, Dema Srl, DocSpace Srl, Smart Track Srl, IROI Srl


Blockchain Based Tracing and Tracking

The distinctive characteristic of B2T2 is that of coupling an advanced technology like Blockchain with a complex scenario such as that of ports and transportation. The project's ambitious goal is to deliver local/global innovation by designing and implementing a prototype of a platform able to compete at a global level with the other initiatives currently proposed.

Partners: Fundación Valenciaport, Infoport Valencia SA, Sis Srl, TIM SpA, TUIT Srl, DocSpace Srl

Ongoing collaborations

Ansaldo Energia
Comune di Genova
Università di Genova
Hub Telematica

DocSpace has ongoing established collaborations with: University of Genoa, M3S Srl, Hub Telematica, SIIT Consortium. Moreover, the company, in its design attitude, participates in working tables, cooperations, calls, integrations, with its strong scientific technical expertise.